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 Agenda of the FMJD General Assembly 2017

  1. Accreditation and voting rights: new (candidate-) federations, checking if federations have paid their debts, federations have a representative, federations have a mandate for another federation.
  2. Opening and Welcome
  3. Asking for additional items on the agenda or changing the order of the agenda.
  4. Asking for approval minutes General Assembly 2015 Didim
  5. Request for IOC recognition
  6. Players Committee
  7. Reports on finances
    1. 2015-2016 (Luteijn)
    2. Report of the Financial Committee
    3. Proposals Budget for 2017-2019 (Luteijn);
    4. Nomination of a new financial committee
    5. Discharge of the treasurer
  8. Reports on activities, planning for coming period
    1. President (Harry Otten)
    2. Vice President (Chen Zelan).
    3. General Secretary (Frank Teer)
    4. Tournament Director (Jacek Pawlicki).
    5.  Tournament Director Youth (Johan Demasure).
    6. Checkers (John Reade / Richard Beckwith)  
    7. Turkish Draughts
    8. 64 Brazilian Draughts
    9.  Confederations:
      1. Africa (Malick Kamara Ndiaye / Cissoko)
      2. Asia(Bat-Erdene Chimeddorj)
      3. Europe (Janek Mäggi)
      4. PanAm (Clfton Agata)
    10. Technical Committee (Frank Teer)
    11. Composers Committee (Victor Shulga)
    12. Medical Committee (Oumar Thiero)
    13. Ethics Committee (Ngondiep)
  9. Discharge of the Executive Board members
  10. Proposals for changing the statutes
  11. Election of Candidates for the Executive Council:
    1. There will be elections for many functions in the council: President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Tournament director and Tournament director Youth.
  12. Special awards
    1. Proposals from the federations for the distinguished career prize
    2. Other proposals for awards from the Executive Board
  13. Support of federations by FMJD
  14. Proposals from the federations
  15. Proposals from the Council and the Technical committee
  16. Affirming Titles and approbation of World Records
  17. Calendar of main events till 2019, asking for candidates:
  18. Closing